Mallory Doone is a singing sensation with a voice well beyond her years. Singing and performing have always been a vitally important part of Mallory's life. At age 3 she knew the stage was her home. She's the girl next door infused with "Punk Flare". Now 16 this performer has a passion for singing & song writing. Mallory's unique and soultry voice was influenced by Haley Williams (Paramore), Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and Lana Del Ray. Taught and developed by Fonda Cash.

Mallory is currently working on original music with producers Ginger & Steve Salem of Ginger-Ly Enterprises 

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Twenty year old Mike Cotoia is a man of many talents. He has a five octave vocal range, can play drums, guitar, bass and keyboard. Growing up he was exposed to all genres of music but his true love is Metal. His musicalcal influences are ManOwaR, Queensryche, Motley Crue, Symphony X, Lamb Of God, All That Remains, Rush, Buddy Rich, Ozzy Osbourne, Stryper, Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Kiss, Phil Collins, Emenim, Pink, Trivium, DMX, Led Zeppland, Beethoven, Yngwie Malmstien, Stevie Wonder, Pat Benatar and many more. Mike has two residences, one in Queens, New York and one in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. He is currently the lead vocalist and drummer for the metal band "Fate Breaks Dawn" out of NYC which is set to release their first EP in the summer of 2013. Search "FATE BREAKS DAWN" on YouTube for live videos.
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Hannah Mahoney is a multi talented young lady from Royal Palm Beach, FL with a love for singing and writing country music. She was taught and developed by Fonda Cash. Her talents include singing, songwriting, and guitar. Hannah lives in Nashville, TN with the single minded focus to make her dream of becoming a lasting Country Icon a reality. Hannah has written songs for Luke Bryan & Zach Porter of All Star Weekend and has several music videos out. Her songs are getting airplay globally and she is well on her way to sucess! Become her fan at

Emilie Sal

Emilie Sal is a 15 year old singer/songwriter who has been inspired by music since the day she could talk. Theatre was Emilie's first love, she took the leading role as Annie in the musicial "Annie" at the Lake Worth Theatre Playhouse at the early age of 10 years old. Since then, Emilie has been studying dance, recording and writing music with Fonda Cash and has now teamed up with Cody Tapelor to produce her first music video entitled "Release You" a cover by Megan & Liz.
Emilie is currently building her fan base and writing original music. 
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Tolliver and Cash are a song writing duo consisting of Fonda Cash & John Tolliver.
Featuring male and female vocals, guitar and percussion. 
The duo sings and performs to pre-recorded midi tracks that they create themselves.
Their music genres range from Pop, Rock, Country, Dance, Motown, Blues to Reagge.
A full band or duo is available available upon request. Visit
for show dates, live videos, music, pictures and more.

Booking contact: Fonda Cash Music 561-308-9406


David Stewart, 18, is originally from Lima, Peru. David has been a vocalist for over eight years now, and has been playing guitar, bass, drums, piano and composing for about seven of those years. In 2008, he was named the Best Lead Actor in a Musical in the South Florida Cappie Awards for his Role as The Cat in the Hat from “Seussical”. he was awarded two years later by Berklee college of music by receiving a partial scholarship to the 2010 Berklee summer 5 Week Program. The following year, he was awarded the full scholarship to the program, entry into the prestigious “Berklee Rock Workshop”, and granted $12,000 towards Berklee full-time college tuition. David Stewart has over 80 original compositions all varying in styles from rock, blues and funk to pop, jazz, and even instrumental film scores. He has developed his talents to be able to sing in multiple styles as well as play guitar, bass, piano, and drums. The home studio that he built in his room allows him to become a proficient recording engineer and producer while simultaneously progressing his many other artistic abilities. David has studied all the “greats” of our time. Notable figures that have influenced David are Robert Plant for his vocal technique, Mic Jagger for his stage presence, Getty Lee for his musicianship, and Brian Johnson for his unique vocal creativity. He was first inspired by his grandfather who taught him to play guitar- David wrote his first song for his grandfather’s 70th birthday, and the response of tears and joy left him with the epiphany that has lasted him to this day. He plans to be no other than the artist that defines his generation.

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